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At ÀPropos Productions, we offer professional event production services that range from providing advice, to lending support in the execution of events or planning an entire affair from the ground up. Our mission: to enable those who trust us with their projects to meet their needs. Our open-portfolio services are built to be tailored to specific requests, ensuring a highly personalized experience.  We believe that our success is tied to helping our clients put together their perfect moment, whatever it may be.

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Manners Monday - Hosting a Wedding

Wedding planning is tough. So much to do. So many options. So many lists! So little time...

According to WeddingBells.ca, Canadian couples expect to spend $31,685 on their weddings in 2014 and one can only imagine how many hours are spent squinting into a smart phone, trying to decide which flower will be the perfect shade of purple... So, honestly, it's normal to loose sight of certain things as the planning progresses.

Unfortunately, guests can sometimes be forgotten too. We get so wrapped up in making everything perfect (and worth that price tag!) that we forget to do our first duty as hosts; making sure that guests are not only wowed by how amazing everything is, but, most importantly, that they are well taken care of.

Here are a few things to remember. And if there's something you're not sure about, ask someone who knows. Chances are that you're not alone in wondering about it.

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