ÀPropos Productions

Wedding and event planner

At ÀPropos Productions, we offer professional event production services that range from providing advice, to lending support in the execution of events or planning an entire affair from the ground up. Our mission: to enable those who trust us with their projects to meet their needs. Our open-portfolio services are built to be tailored to specific requests, ensuring a highly personalized experience.  We believe that our success is tied to helping our clients put together their perfect moment, whatever it may be.

We’d love to hear from you if your questions aren’t answered here. Hey, we’d love to hear from you anyway! 613-252-6627 or write to us at info@aproposproductions.ca

What does open-portfolio mean?

Great question! Although many brides and grooms need logistical help on their wedding day, a lot of you have some amazing ideas on what the day should look like. There is a good chance that you know what you want.  That’s why we created our open-portfolio policy. We believe that since it’s your wedding; it should reflect your style. We’ll never try to steer you towards a particular design because that’s what we like or that’s the kind of portfolio we want to work on. To the contrary, our role is to determine whether or not your vision is feasible and to help you make it happen. But don’t worry. If you’re not feeling inspired or you don’t have time to look, we have plenty of ideas!

I heard that I should hire someone who only does weddings or only corporate events. Why haven’t you chosen just one?

There are far too many advantages to our clients that come from being versatile to chose just one stream. What we learn from each event we do is weighed and carefully applied to our protocols. Since every contract is tailored to you and your specific needs, our diverse experience can only benefit you. We don’t limit ourselves, and neither should you.

Why aren’t your prices listed online?

Although most events have a similar basic structure, we never treat two events the same way. A 100-member AGM is a different animal than a 30 people corporate retreat. An intimate, luxurious wedding in a restaurant can’t be treated the same way as a 250-guest cookout wedding. While most packages are in the same price-range, we really need the proper context for your event before you get a quote that really reflects the work we’re going to do together.

Do you do gay weddings?

Really? It’s 2016, people. WHY is that still a question?!

My venue has a designated planner. Do I really need to hire someone myself?

Before we start, if you're asking about a wedding, remember that a venue planner does not help with bridal party preparation, transportation, or anything else that comes before you get to the reception venue. Is your ceremony off-site? Then your venue planner can't be there because they are busy ensuring that the space is getting set up according to your wishes.

We love venue planners! They are professional, knowledgeable and entirely accustomed to dealing with feeding and entertaining hundreds of people at a time. That said, as much as they are assigned to help you, their mandate is to first serve their employer. Makes sense, right? At ÀPropos Productions, we approach our work with venue planners in the most collaborative way possible. Just like we won't come to your house and tell you how to run it, we won't arrive to a venue thinking that we run the show. That's just rude. We will, however, ensure that contact between all of your vendors is at its smoothest, that the day does run on time and that we're always ready to jump in to deal with any possible scenario. Please don't get us wrong; venue planners are worth their weight in gold! 

If you don't think that you need help beyond your venue planner, but will be getting married off-site, speak to us about our à-la-carte, half day services.

What if I have a really crazy idea?

Bring it! Any idea you share with us will be treated with the same professionalism and discretion, not to mention the discerning eye and feasibility testing that any great idea needs to come to fruition.

Can you deliver my flowers or wedding cake to my venue?

It depends. Only if we can guarantee that we can get them there in the condition they were picked up, barring any disaster or accident. To do that, we have to have a conversation with your vendor.

Why should I spend money on help for my wedding when I can have help from friends and family?

The answer to that is the same as to why you would want to hire a professional to do your makeup, or be your DJ, or make the food for your wedding. Friends and family may be honoured, but will also likely feel a lot of pressure when asked to provide a service that a professional is used to providing. You also have to weigh how cool your helpers are under pressure. How will they react if the cake begins to fall? If a flower breaks off your lapel? If your DJ (maybe your well-meaning friend) is suddenly sick? By hiring a professional, you’re securing the help of someone who has seen several near-disastrous scenarios, but most importantly, someone who is not there to enjoy themselves. We make sure that you and your guests do. The bottom line: even with all the planning and preparation in the world, work still needs to get done on the day of, and it's up to you who you want doing it.